Saturday, 17 February 2018


Not having regular television, SKY or otherwise I resort to watching select films, programmes and series on Netflix, Lightbox and TV On Demand. I bought a 'Smart TV' last year and it connects to the Broadband in the house. This enables me to access Youtube and other web-based platforms.

Recently while trawling I discovered Intelligence Squared which has very interesting debates featuring very clever and accomplished people. The first I watched was a debate on who is the best spy writer - Ian Fleming or John Le Carre. Each side of the argument had a champion who had spent many years researching and promoting one or the other. They were assisted by a panel of outstanding actors who read excerpts from the novels in support of the arguments. This was clever British television.

Tonight I watched a part of a debate on the Catholic Church. I watched the Stephen Fry part (I'll watch the late Christopher Hitchens part and the protagonists later). Fry was emotive but also very elegant and eloquent in his attack on the Catholic Church. He was gracious in his acknowledgement of some very sincere and dedicated people who work and who have worked in the Church but was unequivocal in his condemnation of the duplicitous hierarchy including popes.

This makes for good watching.

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