Sunday, 17 December 2017


CHRIS NICHOL - a rare Christian with common sense

There was a great interview with Chris Nichol by Kim Hill on National Radio yesterday morning that is well worth listening to if you can get past Kim Hill's annoying mannerisms and interruptive interviewing.

Robert has been quite active in propagating his religious (as according to the catholic church) doctrine this last week so I thought that it would be good to hear from an educated, balanced and 'not a raving loony' religious person. Chris Nichol is a TV presenter and producer - Praise Be was one of his shows - and is an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church and has taught a course in Religion, Media and Culture at Victoria University.

In this interview he talks about his takes on religion and uses some really interesting music to underline them.

I particularly like the bit where he says that Creationism is a myth. He believes that fundamentalists make the mistake of thinking that the Bible is real history. This should get Robert going.

He also says that the Resurrection was a myth as any right thinking person would acknowledge and explains this by saying that Jesus was on earth teaching some good things for which he was killed (political reasons). The 'resurrection' is in the fact that even though Jesus died he was on the right track and his teachings have endured - it is the teachings that have been resurrected. I can buy into that.

Have a listen to this if you have time:


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