Sunday, 28 January 2018


The Philosophical Curmudgeon posted a while ago on good vs bad behaviour and ended with a comment about not turning the other cheek. See HERE

OK, I can see where he's coming from as I've wondered myself why Joseph put up with the fact that Robert's god knocked up his wife (with the help of an archangel) without some sort of remonstration.

Joseph decided to help Mary and bring up her child. He apparently was a gentle man but strong where it counts. He's the true saint and hero in the Jesus story and doesn't get enough recognition for this. I think he did the right thing in turning the other cheek so I don't agree with The Philosophical Curmudgeon.

I do agree with the question that Joseph poses in this cartoon though. What was all that crap about Jesus - son of man etc.? If god exists why didn't he just create a fall guy and save Joseph and Mary all that trouble?

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